No, nothing new, just testing my blogger acct!

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Woo! New stuff!

Next update should be a lot sooner. And it might be the rest of the issue. Actually, unless you're desperate for new pages, I'd skip reading this one and wait until the whole thing is finished. The rest of the pages (about 10) are about halfway done, so it shouldn't be long.

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I'm planning on having an update ready sometime next week, probably Friday. Another 4 pages or so. My husband has expressed an urge to do some serious comicing this weekend, so it sounds like a hot date for us both! HOOOOOOOOTTTT

I've also started up a blog dedicated to feminism in webcomics, spinning off my old Comixpedia column : Webcomics are from Uranus.

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Got those 4 pages up, only a few days past when I said they'd be there. Just a bunch of distractions going on this week that all add up, you know? Hopefully they're worth the wait!
Click here for the latest update!
The beginning of the issue starts here.

One of the distracting things that I can actually take responsibility for is that my old personal domain finally expired. I've now dropped tiefgrau.com and the site is now MeaghanQuinn.com! So I did a new site design in honor of the switch.

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Sorry folks, no update today. It's one of those frustrating things where I've had plenty of interruptions and plenty of having to go back and fix things I didn't do right the first time. Sometimes you just don't realize until you're coloring you forgot to draw something. Anyway, THIS WEEK. Friday at the latest. 4 pages!

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