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Once upon a time a young girl named Meaghan Quinn was at college and she saw some webcomics and started reading manga (just one, Violinist of Hameln, really) and decided she wanted to learn how to do it herself. So obviously she started her own. Years later, she's figured it out a bit after learning how to draw, how to write webpages, how to color, how to lay out pages... etc! Suffice to say she got better and the work remains online as inspiration to anyone who would also like to dedicate 5 years of their life (off and on) to one comic.

So from 2000 to 2005 she wrote and drew and fumbled her way towards one complete story (which you can read here) and then wanted to skip onto the next thing. But then she hooked up with a writer (Andy Floyd!) and together they came up with more for this comic. So here you have Eat the Roses redux, except that the first one doesn't count (it isn't canon, people!). So it's Eat the Roses.

It's also Bad Oranges. Interspersed with the main story are side stories about Samuel Orange. Don't worry, it all works. Just read it.

Most webcomics update on a daily or thrice daily or whatever schedule. Meaghan doesn't like that because psycologically it doesn't motivate her (or some other strange excuse). The story also doesn't work well read page by page. So it's updated by batch now. There's an email group that sends out notices when the comic updates. It's pretty nifty and very low mail volume.

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