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Samuel Orange

First Appearance
Info : Goofball

Sammy has always wanted to be a detective!
He also has his own livejournal!

Georgia Edison "Ed" Orange

First Appearance
Info : Accountant

Sammy's older sister is a secretary bodyguard doctor She's an accountant! Accountant!

Momma Orange

First Appearance
Info : Mom

She's loaded. With money and good sense. She'd rather give Sammy the latter.

Nefertiffi "Nefri" Jones

First Appearance
Info : Secretary doesn't even begin to describe her

What the who the heck? She just appeared and started taking messages and breaking hearts!

Rene Ransom

First Appearance
Info : Pop star

She's a sensation! Her movie career is just starting off, she's a successful singer (even Ed's a fan!), but seems to be having some boy trouble.


First Appearance
Info : Easy Pimpin'


Rhea Davenport

First Appearance
Info : Secret Agent

Originally working for NEMISIS fighting world domination, since the organization dissolved she's been freelancing.
Rhea lost the only man she ever loved during a fight with Tera Teriquez, and this may fuel her motives.

Tracy Nguyen

First Appearance
Info : Triumvirate muscle

A former FBI secretary, world domination was just too tempting for this power hungry, bloodthirsty gal.

Tera Teriquez

First Appearance
Info : Triumvirate Brains

Tera has been trained since she was a child to take over the world and she plans on doing it. This former henchgirl now heads her own world domination conspiracy.

Troy Bollwood

First Appearance
Info : Triumvirate money

Troy has lead a charmed life. The son of a major politician, he has rejected the family business and politics in favor of some real power. In the meantime he's been an actor on cheesy tv shows and movies. Currently dating Rene Ransom.