Eat the Roses : who's what now?

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Smokey and the tweed jacket!

Meaghan Quinn - Artist and creator

Last of the red hot Irish swamis.

Seen here posing in the rustic countryside with her two spaniels (cropped, alas, to ensure the bowdlerization of her lack of pants) in clothes she stole from a Henry Fielding biographer (It's a well known fact biographers never wear pants).

Contact -

Meaghan was born and grew up in the happenin' town of Atlanta, GA. Somehow she married a commoner Canadian and moved away from her idyllic southern paradise. But she loves Canada, and her Acadian husband (mostly the husband).

She now lives in Ottawa, Ontario in a secret lair under the Inspector General's house.

Originally one of those kids in high school that keeps starting novels/plays and never finishing them, Meaghan fell into comics when she started drawing one. She then learn to actually like the darn things. Eat The Roses was her first original work, only preceeded by a couple of really awful Violinist of Hameln doujinshi. Prior to drawing and writing her own comic, she'd never really drawn before and BOY does it show, if this biography may be excused for pointing out the clear and obvious truth of the matter.

Eat the Roses was her first major work, propelling her to the top of really girlie webcomics. Since then she has branched out to include other works, such as Vigilante, Ho!, that occasion a much broader appeal to the niche audience of old western fans, but she stills holds near and dear her epic spy parody that entails entirely too much time to romantic sidetracking. Her relaunch of the comic with a fresh start to spare new readers from her horrendous early art, for which she should be nominated for sainthood, stays true to her strange taste in humor and what constitutes attractive in men and women.

Meaghan lists among her influences Thomas Hardy, Gabriel García Márquez, Michiaki Watanabe, Hisaya Nakao, Charles Vess, Tite Kubo, Peter Gabriel, Ludacris, Henry David Thoreau, Alexis de Toqueville, and her mom. But darned if this 3rd person perspective can tell how, or why it should even mention it, except it is a very cultured perspective and likes to show it off at any oppourtunity.

I'm not Space Ghost!

Andy "Speaker" Floyd - Writer and Puppet MASTER

Able to ride Megs' coattails, even when she's wearing a skirt.

Seen here vanquishing the last of the Cthuloids from Outer Space during the attack on Space Station 23 in one of Earth's brighter futures.

Contact -

Andy grew up around the city of Birmingham, AL. One day, he came into possession of a TARDIS (that's "Time And Relative Dimension In Space"). He traveled through space and time with several companions. One such companion ensnared him with her wily sarcastic ways, and he eventually married her. He still lives in Alabama, hoping to one day make a difference in the state by re-legalizing vibrators.

In college, Andy discovered he liked writing when a friend made him try National Novel Writing Month. Some might actually say Andy did some writing before then, but Andy doesn't count it. He had an extremely crappy and unpopular college gag-strip that ran for a few years back in the early days of web comicing. Because he realized it was crappy, he gave it up. (When the funniest thing in your strip is the stick-figure filler drawn by you're friend and college roomy, it's time to stop!)

That's when he tried actually writing. See, it's this novel newfangled concept he had yet to try. Before, he thought it was more important to be "current" than anything else, so he'd wait till the night the strip was meant to go up and do everything last minute.

Needless to say, this was NOT the way to do a comic. Since drawing took so long for him, he'd end up writing down the first thing that came to his head - and the first thing that comes to ANDY's head isn't often the BEST idea.

But this "writing" thing - it was neat! You see, you THINK things through first. Then, you write them down. Then, you DEVELOP them until you have a "story" that not only makes sense, but is actually kind of cool!

He spent the next few years writing. Novels, scripts, short stories. He didn't care what, He just wrote. And for some reason, people seemed to like it. The damndest people too. Hell, Paul Dini even bought a couple of his spec scripts for a cartoon show that's going to be pitched! (Don't know if anything'll happen with them yet, though!)

So, yeah, he practiced! And just when he started thinking - "Hey, it would be really nifty-keen to get back into web comics! But I'm too lazy to draw, so I need to find an artist!" - He got an E-Mail. It was Megs! She asked if she could pitch an idea for Andy to write because she wanted to draw but was too lazy to write.

It was a match made in LJ!

Andy lists among his influences: Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jack Chick, and Warren Ellis. No, seriously - Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Paul Dini, Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Brian K. Vaughn, John Varley, and several others.

Also, Andy LOVES validation, so please comment to his blog entries and forum posts AS WELL AS e-mail him to tell him what a splendiferous job he's doing.

Unless you think he's doing a suck job, then STFU.