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Eat the Roses is a long form serial manga-esque comic of epic proportions! It is entirely the work of Meaghan Quinn and she owns EVERYTHING, excepting Sir Elton John. It began in May of 2000 and it just won't die. The story is ficticious and also a load of hooey. Don't pretend I know anything about the FBI, but I do know how to spoof things, draw horses, and also heck of a lot of ancient history.


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Comic Related

1) Why is it called Eat the Roses?
Because I came up with the name on a whim back in high school. It's catchy and unusual, and sorta describes this philosophy of dating I had back then.

2) Do I have to read the whole thing to get it?
The comic works as a long story, like a novel. You don't have to read all of it, since the newest comic is self-contained. In fact, I would reccommend against reading the first story, which was ongoing from 2000 to 2005.

3) Oh yeeeaaah, what IS up with the early art? It's so awful and different from what you do now!
I started this comic to teach myself how to draw. And it SHOWS. Heh.

4) What do you use to make your comics?


1) Can I use your images for my website/user pic?
Yes. Do NOT directly link or I will hunt you down- host the image yourself. Please credit any art used in a website with a link back to me. A BIG ole link, please. ^__^ Feel free to edit pictures for use in forums or livejournal etc. You don't have to link back everytime you use the picture, but be prepared to talk profusely about Eat The Roses when someone asks you where you got the picture. This is my very liberal policy, subject to change if I feel it is being abused.

2) I linked you, will you link to me?
I don't do link exchanges, but if you have a cool comic you think I'd like, by ALL means send either of us a link and introduce yourself and your comic. I love linking to new comics I like, but I do not link back just because you link to me. It just don't work like that.